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Coplex offers a wealth of experience through its elite team combined with a strong focus of Project Management. Since date of conception, we have been committed to innovation, excellence and integrity to the industry. We deliver comprehensive services that capture all phases of the residential and commercial development process. Coplex specialise in large multi-unit residential and commercial construction. We are a fast growing project management company and property development team constructing several projects in various areas across Sydney. From the concept stages of preconstruction that includes planning, budgeting, design analysis, development proposals, program management, scheduling and tendering – through to construction, project completion and commissioning.

With reputable experience in the construction and engineering industry, Coplex is in a position to offer supreme value and excellence that is demanded by the market.

Coplex specialise in projects that involve upgrading outdated infrastructure, new developments in luxury housing, townhouses, multi-unit residential apartments, schools, senior living, healthcare, medical practices, commercial buildings, fit outs and mixed use market sectors.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of Coplex is the team of dedicated and professional staff we have developed over the years. We have a core team of strong building professionals at the top of their respective careers who are well supported by a remarkable group of staff/subcontractors who work tirelessly to achieve excellence in their respective roles. Through our elite management team and contractors, Coplex has completed an expanding portfolio of over $250 million in development and has currently over $400 million of development under construction.

Coplex has built their business in the belief that honesty and hard work breeds success. At Coplex, every project is important. This is adhered to at all levels of the company. As a stakeholder, you will appreciate the dedication and effort that goes into each new project and will reap the benefits of a job done right the first time.


The primary purpose of the management team is to promote the long-term health and success of Coplex. Our management team have extensive experience in design, development and construction. Coplex’s strong and effective management team underpins Coplex’s success. With a focus on supporting building excellence, these individuals are industry professionals with deep experience in development and construction which is diverse and innovative, collaborative and dynamic.

Danny Ibrahim
Danny has extensive development experience and a deep understanding of the building industry. A strong communicator, Danny implements the Coplex vision to achieve efficiency for all stakeholders by driving team development and delivering excellence in Coplex projects. Heavily involved in the day to day running of all Coplex projects, Danny is vital to Coplex management strategy. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Danny has been an integral part in establishing the company that is known for its friendly, knowledgeable people and commitment to quality.

Danny graduated with Honours from a Bachelor of Construction Management.

Rami Ibrahim
Rami has a wealth of experience in the building industry which he brings to the Coplex team. With both construction and infrastructure experience in the public and private sector, Rami undertakes a pivotal role within the Coplex management team, including overseeing the developing of all operations. Rami also employs innovative solutions to achieve financial, contractual, quality and safety objectives for all Coplex projects while maintaining and developing all relationships with our stakeholders. With over 11 years of experience, Rami has been fundamental to the establishment of the Coplex company.

Rami graduated from a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, majoring in Construction Management.

Robie Ibrahim
Robie’s collaborative and innovative attitude, as well as his experience in development, is key to Coplex’s leadership team. Managing and facilitating all aspects of construction development at Coplex, including leading a highly motivated team of construction professionals, Robie has been key to facilitating the establishment of the Coplex company and ensures that all projects meet budget and deadlines. With over 7 years of experience, Robie maintains a high standard of leadership to ensure all contractual, financial, quality and environmental goals are achieved for all Coplex projects.

Robie graduated with Honours from a Bachelor of Construction Project Management.


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